Rule Book

Rule Book:

Reminder for the ebc2019: What is different compared to 2017

-Background: So far there is no European boomerang association, hence no European rulebook has existed.
-Therefore, we simply adapted the WBC2018 rulebook and emphasized differences or recent changes in green.
-As announced in 2017 at the bid in Wales and communicated to the European club presidents in October 2018 (no veto received) the relative scoring system will be used and raw data/scores/placing point evaluation will be provided for national rankings.

-Things that will be different compared to Wales 2007:
1. Groups are seeded after each event according to the current tournament standing. Seeding for first event: The ebc2017 ranking is used as guideline. Throwers not having attended the ebc2017 will be seeded by estimated strength.
2. Relative scoring system is used (see point tables at end of rulebook).
3. Aussie round: Accuracy 2P zone from 10m to 20m, 4P from 6m to 10m. So a drop within 20m scores accuracy plus range. As applied at the wbc2018.
4. MTA: Throw is within the AR circle, catch anywhere on the defined field. All scores over 50s = 1000P. Event winner: No tiebreak, highest score in seconds resolves a possible 1000P tie.

Remark: Trick Catch: Christchurch system. Point values as in 1996 (Tunnel 6P, Footcatch 10P). In high wind 2 x 50P singles.
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